End/Start I is one short experimental video symbolising the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.
From my bedroom's window there is this huge tree. This tree is showing me the changing of seasons and is metamorphosing into different things, according to my needs.
In summer it's giving me shadow to chill out. When wind blows it chants for me a delighted melody and reminding of the sea. At night it's projecting me into a lonely forest, protecting me from the indiscrete eyes of my neighbours.
In autumn it waks me up with pastel and flashing colours in an incredible mix.
In winter it's giving room for crows and a few, pale, rays of light.
In spring it grows my desire for discover and joy of life.
End/Start I is a metaphor of seasons, as seasons are metaphors of life. The end of a season, the beginning of a new one in an infinite crossover.
This video, turned from a fixed point of view, is showing the fantastic ballet of my tree trough the rays of the sun and the blow of a magic wind in a particular time, when summer just switches to autumn.
I shot this video to complete the journey I wanted to bring the viewer into with the series of Mutter Erde.
It was shot on September. I did the sound myself by using a synthesiser and added the sound of the wind blowing.
The ambient sound is not original, it comes from my imagination, so to create something that didn’t exist.